Business Services


Industrial Checklist

Thank you for choosing energy-efficient natural gas! To make it as simple as possible for you to sign up for gas service, please provide the following information so we can accurately design the gas facilities required for your project:

    1. Site plan which indicates building position on lot
    2. Proposed gas meter location
    3. List of BTU per hour, or SCFH, input ratings for each gas appliance   (or a mechanical/plumbing plan with input data)
    4. Estimated peak daily gas demand
    5. Estimated average annual gas demand
    6. Minimum inlet pressure requirement for gas appliance(s)
    7. Builder information (name, address, phone)
    8. Owner information (name, address, phone)
    9. Business type and SIC code (if available)
    10. Physical street address for building (if applicable)

You can take the information to your local Southwest Gas office and they will forward it to my attention or don't hesitate to contact me directly.