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Drying Clothes

Let's face it. Does anyone enjoy doing laundry? Wash a load, dry a load, fold a load. Over and over. There's got to be a faster way.

There is. A natural gas dryer.

You'll dry a load of laundry about 20% faster than it takes to dry in an electric dryer. And you can dry in less time without worrying what time of day it is. Plus, less tumbling is easy on your clothes.

You'll also save money while you're saving time. Natural gas clothes dryers can provide cost savings without sacrificing performance or features. New high-efficiency gas dryers feature pilotless ignition and moisture sensors to trim energy costs even more.

The bottom line here is really quite simple - you'll spend less time doing laundry and have more time for the things you enjoy.

80% of consumers prefer natural gas for clothes drying, why use anything else? *

  • Dry economically
  • Any time of day

* Source: Marketing Solutions
New Home Buyer Survey, December 2003

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