Automatic Payment Plan

Worry-free, and ensures you never miss a payment

Enrolling in the Automatic Payment Plan (APP) means no more writing checks, mailing envelopes, or standing in line. Let the Automatic Payment Plan pay your bill for you with an automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. You can be assured that your bill will be paid on time, every time.

Follow the easy steps to create a MyAccount to enroll in the Automatic Payment Plan. You will continue to receive a bill showing the amount due. Your bank account will be debited on the due date shown on your gas bill.

MyAccount and the Automatic Payment Plan means you will never miss a payment.

In addition, save time and reduce paper clutter by signing up for Paperless Billing.

You can also

Customers without access to MyAccount may sign up for the Automatic Payment Plan using our mail-in form.