Reading Your Gas Bill

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Because utility commission guidelines and requirements differ in the areas we serve, your bill may differ from those in other Southwest Gas areas. In an effort to help you understand your bill, we placed an example of your bill online and provided an explanation of the various items on it. Please begin by selecting the area in which you live. The examples online are not intended to represent a true comparison in usage or average costs between areas we serve.

Southwest Gas bills its customers on a per-therm basis, i.e., for the amount of energy contained in the gas delivered. The current reading minus the previous reading, times the billing factor, equals the number of therms you have used in the current billing period.

The monthly bill is due and payable upon presentation and becomes past due if not paid by the "Due Date" on your bill. A late pay charge will be added to the bill if payment is not received before the next bill is rendered. To learn how gas rates are set click here.

If you smell gas or have a gas safety issue, click here for further instructions.

You may pay your bill by mail or in person at any Southwest Gas Business Office or any authorized pay station. A listing of pay stations near you is available using our locator service (click here).