Roadhouse Bread Rolls

For bread machine

1 c. hot milk (put in microwave for about 50 seconds —
temperature needs to be approximately 110°)
1 c. hot water
2 pkg. yeast
1/4 c. butter-flavored shortening or softened butter or margarine
2/3 c. sugar
1-1/2 t. salt
2 eggs (room temperature)
5-6 c. flour

Beat sugar and shortening/butter. Add eggs and milk. Start with a cup of flour and mix well in the mixer. Add yeast and salt. Continue adding flour and alternate with water until you have a slightly sticky dough that pulls away from the sides of bowl.

After the dough has doubled in size, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface, cover and let rest for 10 minutes. In a small bowl, combine brown sugar and cinnamon.

Put dough in bread machine on the dough setting. After it has blown the top off your bread machine, turn it out on a floured board and let it rest. Roll out dough and cut out circles and shape as you like. Let rise again until doubled.

Bake at 350° for 12-15 minutes.