Vegetable Du Jour for 4

4 blanched grilled new potatoes
4 6-ounce beef tenderloin filets
4 ounces crimini mushrooms (quartered)
1 Tbsp. shallots (chopped)
4 ounces glace de viande (syrupy reduction of veal stock)
4 ounces Cabernet wine
4 ounces veal or beef stock
2 ounces olive oil
A sprinkle of Sonoran seasoning or Fuego red seasoning
(or your favorite blend of herbs and spice seasoning).

4 ounces bleu cheese
2 Tbsp. chopped shallots
1 Tbsp. olive oil
2 ounces white wine

Sauté shallots in olive oil, deglaze with white wine, pour over bleu cheese and mix, roll with wax paper or plastic wrap, chill, then slice into medallions.

Season sear filets (finish cooking to desired temperature in oven or natural gas grill). Sauté crimini mushrooms, add shallots, deglaze with red wine and stock, reduce and add glace de viande.

Arrange potatoes and vegetable du jour on plate, top with a medium rare filet, a bleu cheese medallion and the cabernet crimini essence sauce and you will have the "Blues" no more…especially if you pair it with a plump lobster tail.