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Sewer Work Safeguards

Emergency Info

Suspect a natural gas leak?
Call 911
And Southwest Gas immediately at
whether you're our customer or not.

Si usted sospecha una
fuga de gas natural,
llame al 911
Y a Southwest gas al
Inmediato, si usted es nuestro
cliente o no.

Natural gas utilities across the country have discovered locations where natural gas pipes were inadvertently installed through sewer pipes. This doesn’t create a safety hazard so long as the natural gas pipe is undamaged. However, damage to natural gas pipes can occur when equipment is used to unclog sewer pipes. This can lead to the dangerous release of natural gas that could result in a fire or explosion possibly causing injury or death to those who unclog the sewer pipes and to those within any structures attached to the sewer pipe.

Call before you clear

If you’re called to an address with a possible blockage in a sewer pipe, please call 811 and follow the instructions for sewer clearing. Southwest Gas will respond promptly to mark the location of our underground pipe before you clean out the sewer pipe. There’s no charge for this service.

Sense a bump? Call it in!

Also, if you or your plumber can sense or see, but have not penetrated an obstruction when clearing a sewer pipe, call Southwest Gas 1-877-860-6020 and press "9" for immediate assistance to ensure that a gas pipe has not been damaged. There's no charge for this service.