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Material Safety Data Sheets

Emergency Info

Suspect a natural gas leak?
Call 911
And Southwest Gas immediately at
whether you're our customer or not.

Si usted sospecha una
fuga de gas natural,
llame al 911
Y a Southwest gas al
Inmediato, si usted es nuestro
cliente o no.

Although natural gas has a very positive safety record, lack of knowledge may lead to unsafe practices. To help you identify and understand the many procedures and proper handling of odorized natural gas, Southwest Gas has prepared Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (also available in Spanish).

Our MSDS contains extensive information about natural gas, such as:

  • Emergency response information
  • Chemical makeup and characteristics
  • How to recognize and safely account for potential hazards that you may not be familiar with (including odor masking, odor fatigue, and odor fade)
  • General precautions for safe handling and use of natural gas
  • Proper purging procedures

If you’re an employer, please make sure that your employees are familiar with both the content and how to obtain the MSDS information.