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South Lake Tahoe - Gas Tariff

Table of Contents
Preliminary Statement
Map of Franchise and Service Area

Statement of Rates

Statement of Rates
Other Service Charges

Historic Statement of Rates


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Rate Schedules:

GT-211 Residential Natural Gas Service
GLT-212 Limited Income Residential Natural Gas Service
GLT-221 General Natural Gas Service
GLT-222 Limited Income General Natural Gas Service
GST-223 Multi-Family Natural Gas Service (Submetered)
GMT-224 Multi-Family Natural Gas Service (Not Submetered)
GT-244 Large General Natural Gas Service
GTT-255 Transportation Services For Customer-Owned Gas
G-260 Service Establishment Charge
PUC-290 Surcharge To Fund Public Utilities Commission Reimbursement Fee
MMPSS-291 Master-Metered Mobile HGome Park Safety Surcharge
PPPS-292 Surcharge To Fund Public Purpose Programs (PPPS)

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1. Definitions
2. Description of Service
3. Application for Service
4. Written Contracts
5. Special Information Required on Forms
6. Establishment and Reestablishment of Credit
7. Deposits
8. Notices
9. Rendering and Payment of Bills
10. Disputed Bills
11. Discontinuance of Service
12. Optional Rates and Information to be Provided to the Public
13. Temporary Service
14. Continuity of Service
15. Gas Main Extensions
16. Gas Service Extensions
17. Meter Tests & Adjustment of Bills
18. Supply to Separate Premises and Resale
19. Limitation Upon Natural Gas Service
20. Services and Facilities on Customer's Premises
21. Curtailment of Natural Gas Service
22. Transportation of Customer-Secured Natural Gas

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Sample Forms:

  • Agreements, Applications & Contracts
  • Bills and Invoices
  • Collection/Disconnection Notices
  • Customer Service/Operation Notices
  • Deposit Receipts
  • You may download the entire California - South Lake Tahoe - Gas Tariff:

    Entire California - South Lake Tahoe - Gas Tariff



    To learn how gas rates are set click here.


    Tariff Schedules are provided as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. The Adobe® Acrobat® Reader plug-in (version 6.0 or higher) is needed to view the documents and can be downloaded for free. Versions are available for most platforms.