About Southwest Gas

Members of your community for more than 80 years.

Our History

Southwest Gas Corporation was founded in 1931 and is a subsidiary of Southwest Gas Holdings Inc  We provide natural gas service to Arizona, Nevada, and portions of California. Our communities, and the more than 2 million customers we serve, are the reasons why we've been heating things up for decades. So, whether you’re enjoying a backyard barbeque with friends, getting cozy indoors during the winter, or preparing an epicurean delight in your new restaurant, Southwest Gas is here to support your comfort  and your lifestyle.


As an abundant source of energy, natural gas is an American foundation fuel, helping to increase our energy security. We believe that developing clean natural gas energy sources is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing an affordable and sustainable energy blend.

Invested in Sustainability

Did you know we’re invested in developing sustainable and responsible business practices that protect the environment, preserve natural resources and safeguard our employees? With approximately 2,300 employees serving more than 2 million natural gas customers located in Arizona, California and Nevada, we’re dedicated to fostering a sustainable energy future for our customers, employees and stockholders.

Our dedication to protecting and improving the environment and fostering a sustainable energy future is one that is shared by our customers, employees and stockholders.