Natural Gas Vehicles

Driving you to a cleaner, more secure future. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is being put to use across the country to fuel a wide range of transportation options, from fleets and light-duty vehicles to heavy-duty trucking and off-road applications.

Is CNG Right For Your Fleet?

Southwest Gas serves CNG fleet customers throughout our service territory in Arizona, California and Nevada. In 2019 we delivered 32 million therms to meet the growing demand. Whether you deliver goods, food, packages or people, Southwest Gas can help you fuel your fleet needs through CNG.
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We build on-site CNG fueling stations to meet the demands of your fleet of vehicles. Discuss the best option for your company or organization with our group of experts today.
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Over the Road

Heavy-duty vehicles can be found on the road 24/7 in every city and town in America. These vehicles carry packages and goods that we all enjoy and customers using CNG have shown to benefit from its use.
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Whether your company uses Sedans, Pick-up trucks, vans or service vehicles, we can help find solutions that best meet the needs of your business while giving you the freedom to plan long-term budgetary needs.
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Our partner agencies in Arizona, California and Nevada transport millions of riders each year, taking them where they work, shop and play. With hundreds of transit vehicles on the road, communities benefit from reduced emissions.
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These vehicles provide an essential service directly at our curbsides. CNG refuse vehicles are cleaner, produce less noise, and emit no black smoke in your neighborhood.

You can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Play a role in reducing your carbon footprint with the Move2ZeroSM Offset Program! Continue to enjoy all the benefits of natural gas while helping contribute to a reliable energy future.
Enrolling provides the unique opportunity to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated from natural gas usage with verified carbon offsets.
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In some cases, commercial fleet operators see a 50% savings from CNG

With concern over fluctuating gasoline and diesel prices, it’s no surprise many fleet owners are looking to compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative transportation fuel. The price stability of CNG as a transportation fuel has made it an attractive option for fleet vehicle conversions, allowing companies and organizations to more accurately budget long term while reducing surprise spikes in variable cost.
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Learn more about NGVs and using natural gas as a clean and affordable alternative transportation fuel with these helpful resources.

Travel farther with reduced costs.

Natural gas is being used across the country to fuel a wide range of transportation options, from fleets and light-duty vehicles to heavy-duty trucking and off-road applications. With the elimination of aftertreatment cost associated with diesel engine maintenance, commercial fleet operators may see a reduction in their cost with CNG engines.
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CNG can be your solution.

Commercial fleets fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, Southwest Gas delivered 32 therms of Compressed Natural Gas for vehicles in place of Diesel to customers in Arizona, California and Nevada. This Eliminated 68,000 metric tons of GHG Emissions.
With the introduction of renewable natural gas (RNG) as an option for fleets, our customers can benefit from Renewable Energy Credits and even further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions attributed to their company or organization.

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