Natural Gas Vehicles

Driving you to a cleaner, more secure future.

Clean Burning and Energy Efficient

You can count on natural gas from cooking to outdoor living, and even getting around town. Not only is natural gas by far the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, with less carbon dioxide emissions than both coal and oil, but driving natural gas vehicles can reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 29%, compared with both gasoline and diesel vehicles.


Cost-Effective Alternative Transportation Fuel

As America's foundation fuel, natural gas is paving the way in breaking America's dependence on oil imports. Nowhere is this truer than the transportation sector, where natural gas is being put to use across the country to fuel a wide range of transportation options, from fleets and light-duty vehicles to heavy-duty trucking and off-road applications.
With concern over fluctuating gasoline prices, it’s no surprise many fleet owners are looking to compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative transportation fuel. It’s become increasingly convenient to switch with the number of nationwide CNG refueling stations growing 13% annually since 2009. Today, there are more than 1,000 CNG refueling stations nationwide and that number continues to grow steadily.

Safe at the pump and on the road

Vehicles powered by natural gas are as safe as conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles, and their pressurized tanks have been designed to withstand severe impact, temperature and environmental exposure. 
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Did You Know?

When compared with traditional gasoline vehicles, compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles are the clear choice for smart consumers. Around for decades, and available in all vehicle classes, from the family car to the local school bus to public transit, CNG vehicles provide a cleaner and more affordable option for transportation. Find out more on why natural gas is right for you.

Get Going with Alternative Fuel

Learn more about NGVs and using natural gas as a clean and affordable alternative transportation fuel with these helpful resources.

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Refueling Your CNG Vehicle at Home

Fulton Homes in Arizona partnered with us to be the first and only homebuilder in the US to offer an option for a home filling station for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles.

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