Hydrogen is a versatile, zero-emissions fuel which can be used to decarbonize areas of our economy considered difficult, like electricity production, transportation and industry. This powerful fuel can also be used for renewable-energy storage or blended with RNG & natural gas to fuel homes & businesses.

An abundant and renewable energy source.

While hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, hydrogen does not exist in nature alone. To be used as a clean fuel, hydrogen must first be decoupled from other elements.
The power-to-gas process uses renewable electricity to separate hydrogen from oxygen in water. Once separated, the oxygen is released beneficially into our atmosphere and the renewable hydrogen, also known as green hydrogen, is stored or made available for use as a zero-emissions fuel. 
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What makes hydrogen a great fuel source?

Hydrogen Icon Abundant


Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe.
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Low Emissions

When hydrogen combusts and releases energy, water is the only byproduct.
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Hydrogen can be used for transportation, electricity generation and industry which are all considered difficult to decarbonize.
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Energy Storage

Excess renewable electricity can be used to create renewable hydrogen and stored for use later, helping to solve the renewable energy storage challenge.
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Solar and wind power is intermittent. Hydrogen is available in times of low sun, nights and when the wind isn't blowing, adding a reliable fuel source to the green-energy mix. 

A path to reduce your carbon footprint.

Available to our *eligible Nevada residential and business customers. Move2ZeroSM lets you play a role in reducing your carbon footprint while continuing to enjoy all the benefits of natural gas and helping us commit to a reliable energy future. 
*Not available to Nevada transportation customers. See Program Standard  Terms and Conditions  for more information. 
Hydrogen Setting Standards

Setting Standards

Committed to safety and reliability, Southwest Gas is working hard to establish hydrogen-blending standards to implement throughout our service territory. One such step took place in November of 2020 when Southwest Gas and several peer utilities filed a joint hydrogen-blending application with the California Public Utilities Commission which will serve as a roadmap for the Company moving forward.
Hydrogen Testing

Testing Hydrogen Blending

Southwest Gas is working with our customers, partners and research organizations to study hydrogen blending for electricity co-generation, transportation, home and industrial appliance use, and manufacturing. One such study involves a partnership between Southwest Gas and Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation in which Southwest training facilities in Arizona will be used to test hydrogen blending on a closed natural gas distribution system with common natural gas appliances and facilities.
Hydrogen Pioneering

Pioneering Power-to-Gas

The Desert Southwest is rapidly developing solar and wind renewable energy projects, taking full advantage of the area’s abundant sunlight and breezy afternoons. As more and more renewable energy is made available, the question of how to store the excess renewable energy becomes increasingly important. That's why Southwest Gas is working with regulators, peer utilities, renewable project developers and our customers to pave the way for excess renewable energy to be converted to green hydrogen through electrolysis by making power-to-gas a not-so-distant future reality.