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Enjoy savings on natural gas appliances and equipment with energy efficiency rebates and other special offers for your business.

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Reduce your energy use and save money.

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home or business can reduce the unnecessary drain on our natural resources while reducing your energy costs. We can help you make Smarter Greener Better® choices for you and the environment.
Rebates can help you save money on the purchase of energy-efficient appliances and equipment. Use our search tool to find current rebates available in your area.*

*Any third party rebates/offer information is provided for your convenience. Southwest Gas is not responsible for its contents.

Greener Homes

3up Greener Homes
ENERGY STAR® homes are better built and more energy efficient!

Home Weatherization

3up Weatherization
Lower your home's energy costs with attic and floor insulation!

Solar Water Heating

3up Solar Water Heating
Solar water heating can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home.

Solar Water Heating Rebates

3up AZ Solar Water Heating

Energy Efficient Homes

3up NV Homebuilder Rebate

Commercial Custom Rebates

3up AZ Commercial

Commercial Rebates

3up NV Commercial Custom Rebate

Commercial Rebates

3up CA Commercial Rebate

Commercial Rebates

3up NV Commercial Rebate