California Medical Baseline Allowance

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If you are a Southwest Gas California customer, and you or a full-time member of your household has a serious health condition, the Medical Baseline Allowance may provide additional savings on your monthly natural gas bill.
Once you’ve completed an application and obtained verification from your licensed physician, surgeon or osteopath, an additional monthly medical allowance of 25 therms will be provided at the lowest (baseline) rate for hemiplegic / paraplegic / quadriplegic persons, multiple sclerosis / scleroderma patients and persons who are being treated for a life-threatening illness and have a compromised immune system.
Qualifying customers can also be evaluated for a larger allowance if they can demonstrate that the 25-therm allowance is insufficient to meet the life support and comfort requirements of the eligible resident.  The company will make a determination as to the additional quantity required and round to the next 25 therms.