Carbon Calculators

Make smarter choices for you
and the environment

You see the term "carbon footprint" everywhere these days. Carbon footprint is the term used for the carbon emissions produced by everyday activities. Whether you're thinking about the impact on the environment, or simply looking for value, natural gas is truly the smart choice for reducing your carbon footprint.
Carbon calculators can help make you aware of your carbon footprint and suggest ways to make smarter choices for you and the environment.

Home Energy Calculators

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One type of residential calculator is the Home Energy Saver calculator. The Home Energy Saver calculator displays ways for homeowners and renters to save money and help the earth by reducing energy use and recommending energy-saving upgrades that are appropriate for your home.

Residential Carbon Calculator

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Another Residential Carbon Calculator shows how natural gas appliances can help reduce the carbon footprint in your home.

Commercial Carbon Calculators

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The Commercial Carbon Calculator sponsored by The Energy Solutions Center is a resource designed to demonstrate the environmental benefits of using natural gas over other energy sources for commercial and industrial customers.