Company Affiliates

Notice of New Affiliate/Update to CA ATR Compliance Plan

Name Business Activity
Brigadier Pipelines, Inc. (Brigadier) Midstream transmission pipeline system contractor1
Canyon Barricade, LLC Barricading and traffic control.1
Canyon Pipeline Construction Inc. Midstream transmission and distribution pipeline system contractor1
Carson Water Company (Carson Water)  Holding company for Centuri Construction Group, Inc.
Centuri Construction Group, Inc. (formerly Isleworth Holding Co.) Holding Company1
IntelliChoice Energy, LLC (IntelliChoice) Joint venture. Majority-owned subsidiary of NPL. Formed to market and commercialize natural gas-fired heat pump technology.
IntelliChoice Energy of California LLC (CAL ICE)
Wholly-owned subsidiary of IntelliChoice, formed to market/commercialize natural gas-fired pump heat technology in California.1
Lynxus Construction Group, Inc. (formerly 2431251 Ontario, Inc.) Holding Company1
National Barricade, LLC Barricading and traffic control.1
NPL Canada Ltd.
(formerly LinkLine Contractors, Ltd.)
Full service pipeline system contractor conducting business in Canada.
NPL Construction Co. (NPL) Full service pipeline distribution system contractor.1
Paiute Pipeline Company (Paiute)  FERC jurisdictional interstate natural gas pipeline. Paiute's system extends from the Idaho-Nevada border to the Nevada-California border.
Southwest Administrators, Inc. (SA) Wholly owned subsidiary of NPL. Formed to provide pipeline construction service in California.1
The Southwest Companies (SC)  Holding company for temporary possession of certain real estate subsidiaries. SC does not currently conduct business.
Southwest Gas Transmission Company (SGTC) FERC jurisdictional interstate natural gas pipeline. SGTC's system extends from northern Arizona to southern Nevada. 
Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. Holding Company
Southwest Gas Utility Group, Inc. Holding Company
Utility Financial Corp. (UFCO) Minority limited partner in SGTC.
Vistus Construction Group, Inc. (formerly Isleworth Intermediate Holding Company) Holding Company1
W.S. Nicholls Construction, Inc. Construction contractor for industrial facilities1
W.S. Nicholls Western Construction, Inc.  Construction contractor for industrial facilities1
1Transactions between Southwest Gas and these affiliates are subject to the California Affiliate Transaction Rules.

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