Southern NV Damage Prevention Training

For excavators in Southern Nevada, the Nevada Regional Common Ground Alliance (NRCGA) offers FREE Damage Prevention training for excavators, plumbers, landscapers, DIYers, and anyone planning to conduct underground work. We encourage all excavators to schedule Damage Prevention Training and appreciate everyone taking the next steps to a safer dig site!

Languages Available

Our training is offered in both English and Spanish.

The training includes a thorough review of:

  • Applicable state excavation laws
    • NRS 455 & NAC 455
    • CA Gov. Code 4216
  • 5 Steps to Safe Excavation
  • Common Ground Alliance Best Practices
  • The process of submitting a dig ticket to your one-call center
    • Nevada and Northern California –  USANorth811
    • Southwest Gas line locate markings and standby requirements
  • Trouble locate coordination
  • Emergency considerations

Our Standby Requirement

To ensure the integrity of our system, Southwest Gas requires that special care be taken when digging near high-pressure gas facilities or conducting any boring-related work within 5 feet of any gas facility, regardless of pipe material, size, or pressure.  

If you'll be digging within 5 feet of high-pressure facilities, or boring within 5 feet of any type of gas facility, we require a Southwest Gas representative be present during the excavation process. 

Please ensure a valid email address is provided when submitting your dig ticket. State-specific standby scheduling information will be emailed to you if your project meets our standby requirements.