Southern Arizona LNG Reliability Project

We're upgrading our system to ensure the continued reliability of natural gas service to you.

Safe and Dependable

Reliability is one of the cornerstones of Southwest Gas’ promise to our customers – to ensure natural gas is there when you need it. The liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facility is located on 31 acres of land, near Valencia and Pantano Roads in the southeast portion of Tucson, to provide a safe and dependable backup system for more than 280,000 customers in Southern Arizona.
LNG is a clear, non-toxic, non-flammable liquid that can be vaporized and dispatched to the Southwest Gas distribution system when the backup supply is needed.

The Storage Facility

AZ LNG Plant
LNG storage facilities have maintained a consistent safety record for more than 70 years. The facility is a double-integrity storage system, which consists of above-ground, insulated containment tank that stores the LNG at -260°F. If the backup supply is needed, the liquid natural gas is vaporized and injected in the pipeline.
Pre-construction environmental studies were conducted to safeguard the area’s desert surroundings, and approval on the project was provided by Arizona Corporation Commission.
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