Nevada Rates and Regulation

Nevada Advice Letters

The Nevada Advice Letters are used to document tariff changes filed with and approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN).

Nevada Quarterly Gas Cost Rate Adjustment

Southwest Gas adjusts rates to reflect changes in the Gas Cost rate for Nevada customers on a quarterly basis. The rate is composed of the Base Tariff Energy Rate (BTER) and the Deferred Energy Account Adjustment (DEAA). This rate is updated to account for changes in the cost of natural gas the Company purchased on behalf of customers, with no profit to the Company, and uses a rolling 12-month average of natural gas costs. Which means you pay what we pay for the cost of natural gas. No more, no less.
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Nevada Annual Rate Adjustment

Southwest Gas files the Nevada Annual Rate Adjustment (ARA) Application filing to establish or modify various surcharges such as the Accumulation of Deferred Interest (ADI) rate in Southern Nevada, Unrecovered Gas Cost Expense (UGCE) rates, system Shrinkage Rates for transportation customers, Imbalance Commodity and Reservation Charges used to calculate transportation customer excess imbalance charges, General Revenues Adjustment (GRA) rates, Conservation and Energy Efficiency (CEE) rates, Infrastructure Expansion Rates (IERs), and Contract Transition Adjustment Provision (CTAP) rate. Learn more

Nevada Base Rate Adjustment

Southwest Gas filed a general rate case application (Docket No. 23-09012) with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada on September 11, 2023, seeking a rate adjustment with the proposed rate adjustment to be effective in April 2024. Through the Company's certification filing on January 5, 2024, Southwest Gas revised its proposed rate adjustment.

Nevada General Revenues Adjustment Mechanism 

By modernizing the current ratemaking model and eliminating the link between sales and recovery of fixed costs, the GRA mechanism allows Southwest Gas and its customers to work together through company-sponsored energy efficiency programs to assist customers in reducing their energy consumption and lowering their bills. Learn more about the
Nevada General Revenues Adjustment Mechanism .

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Learn How Gas Rates Are Set

The rates used by Southwest Gas are set by state regulatory commissions using a process called the "rate case cycle." Because of individual state regulations, the rate case cycle differs slightly for each state. See how rates are set for your state.

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Commission Websites

Check your state’s Commission office for more information on utility regulation and consumer programs and services.