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Celebrating 90 Years

Join us in celebrating 90 years of providing clean, reliable and affordable natural gas service to you. We're honored to continue serving you and your families for decades to come. Learn more

For your mobile device & desktop.

We've transformed our technology from the ground up to provide you with a fantastic customer experience — along with enhanced security and a fresh look to MyAccount and our mobile app. We look forward to showing you what it’s all about!
For our business customers, learn more about your new MyAccount here
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Enhanced Security

Your safety & security is always a priority! Rest assured that with enhanced data security, your personal information is safe.

It's Easy To Sign Up

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On the login screen, click or tap the link to register your account.
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Select Home or Business

Choose which account type you'd like to register.
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Enter Your Information

Follow the simple steps to enter your account info.
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You're All Set!

Use the link sent via email to begin your new MyAccount experience!

What's New in MyAccount?

Your MyAccount and mobile app will still have the same easy-to-use functionality but we've added exciting new features and much more
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Linking Your Accounts

You'll have the ability to link residential and business accounts. This convenient new feature allows you to manage all your accounts under a single login. Commercial customers will see all connected accounts automatically link together after re-registering.
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Adding Guest Users

You can now invite up to five guest users to help manage your account! Better yet, you can easily add or remove users at any time and control what type of access they have.

Enhancing how we do business together.

Exciting changes are here for commercial customers too! Get started by logging into your new MyAccount to automatically link your business and residential accounts together under a single login. Learn more about all the improvements we've made to enhance how we do business together.
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Dedicated Business Line

Our commercial customers can now take advantage of our new dedicated toll-free number 877-757-1193 and we’ll connect you directly to a commercial account representative.

General System Information
Why are you getting a new system?
For years, we’ve taken pride in providing you with clean and affordable natural gas service. Now, we’re rebuilding our technology to deliver you an exceptional MyAccount and mobile experience. With these exciting enhancements, we're able to offer you an easier way to manage your account and increased security for your personal information.
When are you switching over?
Monday, May 3, 2021, is the big day. We’re so excited that we’re literally rallying around a countdown clock!
What can I expect while the change is happening?
Throughout the change, you’ll be able to see all of your account information. However, beginning the night of Thursday, April 29, 2021, MyAccount and the mobile app won’t be able to process any transactions until the change is complete. Similarly, you'll be able to access your account information using our automated phone system during this time, but our call center will only be able to complete a limited range of transactions.
If you make any changes to your personal information during this time, that information will not be included with the data converting over and will need to be updated again after Monday, May 3, 2021.
How will my experience be different going forward?
For starters, you're going to have access to some helpful new features! One we think you’ll especially love is giving additional users access to balance and payment information, saving you time managing your account.
You're also going to save time when calling us! After the new system launches, we'll be able to update information on all your accounts at once. Need to wrap up requests that same day? We've got you covered there as well with lightning-fast emails from our call center!
We’re improving MyAccount and our mobile app to make managing your account even easier. Looking to view or export your gas usage or billing history? No problem. How about comparing your usage to the prior year, linking multiple accounts or saving credit and debit card payment information? Done! We've even gone a step further, making sure you can schedule a payment extension or arrangement as needed.
Where can I see a breakdown of everything that’s changing?
Residential customers can view a breakdown of changes that may impact them here — and see what isn't changing here. We've also created a separate list for agencies.
For agencies interested in using our new MyPledge portal you can access a quick training course on your desktop or smartphone here
Will I need to do anything different to access my account? 
You’re going to get a new account number, but you’ll still be able to use your old one to access your account through and our automated phone system. Your MyAccount and mobile app login will also stay the same unless you've listed multiple emails. For accounts with multiple emails, only your most recently used login will remain active.
What else do I need to know?
There are a lot of changes happening, and we'll continue to communicate what those changes are, so please watch for everything coming your way! We’ll be adding messages to your bill and sending letters or emails that explain any changes in how we service your account. Please keep checking back here for additional FAQs and updates, as well as some great tools to help you navigate the new system.
Payment-Related Information
I’m on an Automatic Payment Plan (APP). Will that transfer over?
Your Automatic Payment Plan will transfer over — you don’t need to do anything. We’ve got you covered. If you’re not currently enrolled in APP, now is a great time. Get started today by logging into MyAccount and selecting APP.
I make recurring payments from my credit card. Will those transfer over?
Here’s where we’ll need your help. If you’re currently making recurring payments using a debit or credit card, these payments will not transfer over. Recurring payments can only be made through a checking account. Save time by having payments drafted automatically from your checking account with an Automatic Payment Plan (APP) — sign up today by logging into MyAccount and selecting APP.
Can I still make payments with my debit or credit card?
You can still make one-time payments through a debit or credit card. The transaction fee for those payments will change from $2.00 for every $300 to $2.50 for every $750 for residential customers or a flat 1.5% transaction fee with no cap for commercial customers. As always, there is no fee to make payments using a checking account.
Customer Programs
Will I be able to keep my Equal Payment Plan (EPP)?
If you’re currently enrolled in Equal Payment Plan, your payments will stay the same based on the program guidelines.
I’m enrolled in CARE/LIRA. Does that discount still get applied?
Both California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) and Low Income Ratepayer Assistance (LIRA) will stay on your account. To ensure you remain enrolled in the program going forward, please refer to the CARE and LIRA program requirements.
The New Mobile App
Will there be anything different about the Mobile App?
Yes. Customers can expect a more seamless experience between the Southwest Gas Mobile App and the new MyAccount. The new Mobile App will have a brand-new look and updated features, including the ability to view more detailed usage information.

Managing Your Account

Managing your account is easier than ever. We've built in more flexibility on how you can use your MyAccount. Learn more
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Installment Plans

Instead of calling in, residential customers can now request an installment plan through their online accounts.
MyAccount Payment Extension Icon

Payment Extensions

Residential and business customers can also request payment extensions through their online accounts.
MyAccount Usage Icon

View and Compare Usage

Understanding your energy usage is easier than ever! Our new interactive charts provide deeper insight into your usage and payment trends over time.
MyAccount Credit Card Payment Icon

Save Credit/Debit Cards

All customers can now save credit and debit cards in MyAccount and the mobile app for quick access to make one-time payments.
Enjoy a more seamless experience with our updated mobile app — manage your account from anywhere with all the benefits of MyAccount plus in-app notifications.
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What's Changing

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You may be wondering about how the changes will impact you. No worries — we’ll let you know exactly what to expect in your new MyAccount experience!

What's Staying the Same

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Exciting changes are coming your way, but some things will stay the same, such as your favorite payment programs like Automatic and Equal Payment Plans (APP & EPP).

Agency Portal Changes

2up Energy Share
Utility Assistance agencies will migrate to our new online MyPledge portal loaded with new features and helpful tools to manage customer accounts and make pledges.

Business Customer Updates

Energy Saving Tips
We’re enhancing your business customer experience! Here are some quick tips to navigate the new system and helpful information about your new MyAccount.