Clothes Drying

Take a spin with a natural gas dryer, the faster way to dry your clothes.

Have Your Energy Savings sorted—one load at a time.

The natural choice is the clear choice.

  • Faster heat-up and shorter drying times.
  • Gentler on fabrics, extending the life of your clothing.
  • Heat dissipates more quickly, reducing wrinkles, and ironing time.
  • On average, electric dryers cost 2 times more to operate than natural gas.
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Did You Know?

On average, you can dry two loads of laundry in a natural gas dryer for the same amount of money it costs to dry just one load in an electric dryer.

Dryer Energy-Saving Tips

  • Look for a dryer with a moisture sensor, which will automatically stop the dryer once a load is dry.
  • Read garment and fabric labels for proper setting advice.
  • Clean the lint filter after each use to ensure proper air-flow and performance.

Energy efficiency for home remodeling

Planning on a home remodel or upgrade? Make an investment in energy-efficiency improvements and save money. [4:57]

Gas Dryer Brochure

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Learn more about energy savings in the laundry room.

Current Rebates and Special Offers

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Energy Saving Tips

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See how you can save energy and money with our valuable energy saving tips.