Cooking & Appliances Saving Tips

Home appliances make our daily lives easier, but there are things you can do to help them perform at their peak efficiency.

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  • Place lids tightly on pans to speed up cooking time.
  • Don't preheat your gas oven if you don't have to. If you're baking breads and cakes, pre-heating may be necessary, but for most foods like casseroles and broiled items, pre-heating isn't needed.
  • Keeping the burners clean on a gas range will ensure it continues to operate efficiently.
  • When possible, use microwaves, slow cookers, and toaster ovens if a full-sized oven is not needed.
  • Look for a clothes dryer with a moisture sensor feature that automatically shuts off the machine when your clothes are dry.
  • Read garment and fabric care labels for proper settings.
  • Clean the lint filter after each use. A clogged lint trap will reduce airflow and dryer performance, driving up your energy usage.
  • Drying full, but not oversized, loads is more energy efficient than drying smaller loads or overloading the machine.
  • Do not open the dryer door unnecessarily while it’s operating.
  • The no-heat cycle can be used to plump pillows, refresh stored items, and remove lint or dust from drapes.