Customer-Owned Yard Line (COYL) Programs

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What is a COYL?

COYL, or Customer-Owned Yard Line, is the primary gas line running underground from the meter to your home or business. Unlike most natural gas pipes, which are owned and maintained by Southwest Gas, this piping is owned and must be maintained by the property owner. 

In newer homes or businesses, the meter is typically located close to the structure and the amount of gas line owned by a customer is minimal. 

However, in many older structures, the meter is set away from the building, and the customer is responsible for a larger portion of the gas line.

Some properties may contain more than one COYL. Secondary COYLs may exist for outdoor appliances such as barbeques or pool heaters and are not included in this program.
Not every property has a COYL, so take a look at your meter location. If the meter is located some distance away from the structure, you may qualify to have it relocated as part of the COYL program.

How the COYL Program Can Help You

Not everyone has a COYL, but if you do, and you own a home or business in Arizona, Southwest Gas has a program you can take advantage of today!

The Arizona Corporation Commission, the state agency that regulates Southwest Gas, approved a program that enables us to inspect COYLs for leaks, with the customer’s permission. If a leak is found, we'll offer to relocate the meter as close as possible to the building, and will replace the primary COYL at no direct cost to you*.

Similarly, when Southwest Gas has major pipe replacement work scheduled in your neighborhood, you can give us permission to replace your primary COYL and relocate the gas meter regardless of whether or not your COYL is leaking. Southwest Gas then becomes responsible for the line’s future maintenance, giving you one less thing to worry about.


*Exceptions may apply. Please contact Southwest Gas at 800-654-2765.

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