Customer-Owned Yard Line (COYL) Program

For Eligible Arizona Customers Only

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COYL Program for Arizona Customers

Your safety is our priority. The Customer-Owned Yard Line Program (COYL), available to eligible customers in Arizona, is part of that commitment to safety.

The COYL inspection and replacement program allows us to:

  • Inspect customer-owned yard lines for leaks
  • Replace primary COYL if it's leaking
  • Replace primary COYL if Southwest Gas has crews in your neighborhood performing other major pipeline replacement work
  • Relocate the meter closer to your house*

Did you know? Homeowners/business owners are responsible for maintaining the gas line between the meter and their home or business.

Let Southwest Gas check your gas line. Together we’ll determine if the COYL program is right for you.

Call our Energy Specialists now at 800-654-2765 to get your free COYL inspection.

*Exceptions may apply.

Customer Owned Yard Line



What is a COYL?

COYL, or Customer-Owned Yard Line, is the primary gas line running underground from the meter to your home or business. Unlike most natural gas pipes, which are owned and maintained by Southwest Gas, this piping is owned and must be maintained by the property owner. 

In newer homes or businesses, the meter is typically located close to the structure and the amount of gas line owned by a customer is minimal. 

However, in many older structures, the meter is set away from the building, and the customer is responsible for a larger portion of the gas line.

Some properties may contain more than one COYL. Secondary COYLs may exist for outdoor appliances such as barbeques or pool heaters and are not included in this program.
Not every property has a COYL, so take a look at your meter location. If the meter is located some distance away from the structure, you may qualify to have it relocated as part of the COYL program.

COYL Program Information

Not everyone has a COYL, but if you do, and you own a home or business in Arizona, Southwest Gas has a program you can take advantage of today!

The Arizona Corporation Commission, the state agency that regulates Southwest Gas, approved a program that enables us to inspect COYLs for leaks, with the customer’s permission. If a leak is found, we'll offer to relocate the meter as close as possible to the building, and will replace the primary COYL at no direct cost to you*.

Similarly, when Southwest Gas has major pipe replacement work scheduled in your neighborhood, you can give us permission to replace your primary COYL and relocate the gas meter regardless of whether or not your COYL is leaking. Southwest Gas then becomes responsible for the line’s future maintenance, giving you one less thing to worry about.


*Exceptions may apply. Please contact Southwest Gas at 800-654-2765.

Benefits of Replacing a COYL

  • Ensure the safety and reliability of your natural gas system
  • Saves you from costly repair bills, if we find a leak
  • Takes away the burden of maintaining the lines you own

Southwest Gas will inspect and/or relocate the gas meter, replacing your primary COYL with facilities owned and operated by Southwest Gas.

Inspection Process

In some cases, a COYL inspection must be conducted to determine if your COYL is eligible for replacement through the COYL program. The inspection process is free and generally takes less than an hour. Whenever possible, we try to conduct the inspection via an external leak investigation, which only requires access to the yard. Occasionally, we may need to do a pressure test, which requires entry into your home or business. A pressure test is typically required if landscaping, patios, pools, or other obstacles prevent the inspector from walking the route of the gas line. It’s easy to give your permission for the inspection by calling our Energy Specialists at 800-654-2765.


A Southwest Gas employee or contractor with proper identification will perform the COYL inspection.


If no COYL leak is found: Southwest Gas will let you know in person or we’ll leave a tag on your door. This is an ongoing program, so we’ll be back periodically to inspect your line again. And of course, should you suspect a leak, even if your line has been recently checked, call 911 and Southwest Gas immediately at 877-860-6020. For more natural gas safety information, click here .


If a COYL leak is found: Your gas service will be shut off immediately. To verify a leak, Southwest Gas or its contractor will need to enter your home or business. Southwest Gas representatives will discuss your options for restoring gas service as soon as possible, including replacing the primary COYL as part of this program.



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Smell an odor similar to rotten eggs, even if it's faint or momentary.
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Hear a hissing or roaring coming from the ground, above ground piping, or gas appliance.
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See dirt or water blowing into the air, unexplained dead or dying grass or vegetation, or standing water continuously bubbling. 
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Relocation & Replacement Process

The meter relocation includes the replacement of the primary COYL only. Any additional repairs on the secondary COYL will remain the property’s owner’s responsibility.
Gas service will be unavailable while the replacement takes place. (Residential replacements average 5 business days.) While it’s never convenient to have the gas service shut off, even temporarily, it’s necessary to facilitate the replacement of the COYL. We do our best to make this a smooth process.   
Note: This special offer for applicable Arizona customers allows us to replace the primary yardline at no direct cost*. Secondary COYL facilities are not included in this program, nor are any appliance updates or houseline repairs.**  
*Exceptions may apply. Please contact Southwest Gas at 800-654-2765.
  **Financial assistance to cover the cost of these associated repairs may be available to eligible customers through some community agencies. Please contact Southwest Gas for more information.