Customer-Owned Yard Line (COYL) Program

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COYL Program for Nevada

The program allows meter replacement and relocation for Nevada customers*. Let Southwest Gas remove the burden of maintaining a COYL.
*Exceptions may apply.

Benefits of Replacing a COYL

  • Free meter relocation closer to your house* –saves money, eliminates future maintenance and responsibility for COYL
  • Allows Southwest Gas to do what we do best –enhance the safety and reliability of your natural gas system
*Exceptions may apply.

Relocation & Replacement Process

The meter relocation includes the replacement of the primary COYL. Any additional repairs on the secondary COYLs (gas lines that serve appliances such as BBQs and pool heaters) will remain the property owner’s responsibility.

Gas service will be unavailable during the relocation process. While it’s never convenient to have your gas service shut off, it’s necessary to facilitate the relocation. We do our very best to make this easy and convenient for our customers, and the service is usually only off for a short period of time.

Note: This special offer for applicable Nevada customers allows us to replace the primary COYL at no direct cost*. Secondary COYLs are not included in this program, nor are any appliance updates or houseline repairs.

Please contact Southwest Gas at 800-654-2765 .
*Exceptions may apply.
Nose Green Circle


Smell a distinct sulfur-like odor, similar to rotten eggs, even if it's faint or momentary.
HnB Safety Ear Brown


Hear a hissing or roaring coming from the ground, aboveground piping, or a natural gas appliance.
Eye Orange Circle


See dirt or water blowing into the air, unexplained dead or dying plants or grass, or standing water continuously bubbling.
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