California Emergency Disaster Relief Program

The California Emergency Disaster Relief Program (EDRP) are customer protections mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission that are designed to help our California customers during a declared emergency.
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California Customers

Residential and small business customers are ensured certain protections in times of a declared emergency through the EDRP.
The EDRP is implemented upon a Governor of California’s State of Emergency Declaration or a Presidential State of Emergency Declaration when a disaster either:
  • results in the disruption of the delivery or receipt of utility service; and/or
  • results in the degradation of the quality of utility service.
A disruption of the delivery or receipt of utility service is when a disaster has resulted in the destruction or damage of a structure, such that utility service is disrupted voluntarily or involuntarily due to safety concerns or reconstruction activities to address the damage from a proclaimed state of emergency event.

degradation of the quality of utility service is reduced gas service quality that does not meet the service requirements as defined in the Southwest Gas tariff.
EDRP customer protections apply to any California residential and small business customers who are located in an area impacted by a disaster and who experience a disruption or degradation of their utility service. EDRP protections will continue for 12 months after the state of emergency is declared, or as determined by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.
If you have recently lost your job, even if you are receiving unemployment benefits, you may qualify for a reduced energy rate through our CARE Program.
This program can help you save money by providing a 20% discount on your monthly gas bill at your primary residence.
Discontinued billing
Customers impacted by a declared emergency whose service has been disrupted or degraded will not be billed during the time period when their gas service is impacted.
Prorated monthly access charge and minimum charges
Customers’ monthly access charges and minimum charges will be prorated based on the amount of time that the customer’s home and/or small business was rendered unserviceable due to the declared disaster.
Monthly bills will be adjusted based on the reduced consumption during the time a customer’s home or small business is unoccupied because of a disaster.
Payment plan options
Customers impacted by a declared emergency who have a prior outstanding balance and have been displaced can take advantage of payment plans when establishing service in new residences.
  • The first payment will be no greater than 20% of the amount due, followed by equal installments for the remainder of not less than 12 billing cycles.
  • For impacted customers with active service who develop an outstanding balance, a payment plan will be made available with an initial payment of no greater than 20% of the amount due, and with equal installments for the remainder of the balance of not less than 8 billing cycles.
  • There is no penalty for paying off an outstanding balance more quickly.
  • No interest will be accrued on an outstanding balance.
Suspended disconnections for non-payment and waiver of deposits and late fee requirements for residential customers
Customers impacted by a disaster will not be disconnected for non-payment.
A deposit and any associated fees (late fees and reestablishment fees) will be waived for impacted customers who pay their bills late. The waiver will last for one year from the declared State of Emergency.
  • Late payments will not be reported to credit reporting agencies or to other credit/collection services
  • Interest on outstanding balances will not be accrued
Additional protections for income-qualified customers
Customers currently on the CARE bill discount program are eligible to continue to receive CARE for at least the 12‐month period after a declared emergency. Income-qualified customers will continue to receive the CARE bill discount thereafter.
All CARE program removals will be suspended during a declared emergency to avoid unintentional loss of the CARE bill discount. Recertification and income verification requests will be suspended during a declared emergency.

California Emergency Rent and Utility Bill Assistance Relief

Income-eligible households who have been financially impacted due to COVID-19 may qualify for funding to help pay for rent and utilities. This program is available to both renters and landlords.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Emergency Disaster Relief Program?
The Emergency Disaster Relief Program or EDRP was adopted by the California Public Utilities Commission in 2019 to ensure that California utility customers who experience a housing or financial crisis due to a disaster, keep vital utility services and receive financial support on their utility bills in the wake of a disaster.
How long do the EDRP customer protections remain in effect?
The EDRP customer protections will remain in effect for at least twelve (12) months from the date of the Governor of California’s the President’s state of emergency declaration or as appropriately determined by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.
Are small business customers covered under EDRP?
Yes. Small Business customers as defined in Rule No. 1 – Definitions of Southwest Gas’ California tariff are covered by certain provisions in the EDRP.  Rule No. 1 can be found here
If my name is not on the account, does the EDRP cover me?
Yes. The EDRP customer protections also apply to any tenants or residents who are not on a Southwest Gas account but wish to relocate and re‐establish utility service in their own name. When establishing new service, tenants or residents should self-identity by stating that their residence was in an area impacted by the declared disaster and service establishment fees and deposits will be waived.
If I fall behind on my bill, will I still receive a disconnect notice?
No. Since disconnections will be suspended, you will not receive a disconnect notice during the time the EDRP is in effect. However, you should continue to pay your bill in order to decrease the amount of your outstanding bill that would have to be paid once the EDRP ends.
What should I do if I have questions about my bill?
You can always access your account online through MyAccount or call Customer Assistance at  877-860-6020

COVID-19 Response

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