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There are many reasons why your gas bill vary from month to month. Weather variations and thermostat settings for furnaces and water heaters can cause higher usage of natural gas. Additional causes could include the use of fireplaces, circulating pumps, leaky hot water pipes, cracked or broken windows, guests in your home, and more.
Here are additional considerations:
• Furnace and water heater usage in winter and thermostat settings
• Company, elderly, medical conditions, or a new baby can increase usage
• An increase in water bill or hot spots on the floor can indicate a hot water leak
• Gas log fireplaces are not intended to heat home
• Heat rises and vaulted ceilings can increase usage
• Determine if pet doors are ajar

Savings Tips

Find out more ways you can save with do-it-yourself or low-cost measures to help you improve your energy usage and lower your utility bill. 

Questions About Reading Your Bill?

Understanding your bill can help you keep track of your usage. Here’s some information to help you identify the different components of your bill.

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